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Pride Parade

QFX Events was created to provide spaces and experiences for the queer community. Whether it is brick and mortar events or virtual conventions, we work diligently behind the scenes to bring you the best entertainment experiences we can offer. Considering these unique times we find ourselves in, the crowds of people we love to meet and see is just not an option for our community at this time.  Enter the inaugural QFX Virtual Pride Parade! 

We will be making a video to the music of Carly Rae Jepson’s Cut to the Feeling, starring all who want to participate.  We invite you to put on your favorite pride gear and sing and dance your heart out on video.  Our team will edit all the footage received  to create a one of a kind music video/virtual celebration that will be released on the closing day of QFX: CloudCon!

For those who are camera shy or don't want to send in a video for personal reasons - WE GOT YOU! In lieu of a video, you can send in an image of a sign or handwritten note explaining what pride means to you. Please use a sharpie or print out something from your computer so the world can read it!


We have specific requirements for this project. Please make sure you follow everything below to ensure we can use your video. We won’t be able to reach out and let you know if something is wrong.



The song we are using comes in many versions.  We ask that you please use this one to ensure we are able to edit the video together with ease.


Please take the following into consideration when recording your submission:

  • Only ONE (1) file submission per person

  • Film yourself for the entire song or as much of it as you can; the more we have to work with, the better

  • Do not delete the audio from your file submission. This will help us know where in the song you are singing/dancing

  • Decide if you want to film yourself in Landscape or Portrait mode before shooting. Ensure you film your entire performance in whichever mode you have chosen

  • If you are submitting a handwritten note or printout, please make it high resolution


Once you have filmed your video, please send it to us via  You will be asked where it should be sent. Please use  If you have any questions, please also feel free to email us and we will be happy to assist you if we can. Submissions for this close December 1, 2020.


We will edit the entries into a compilation video. By submitting your file, you are allowing QFX Events to use your likeness in said compilation video during QFX: Cloud Con and all other marketing avenues.  As a reminder, this is for public consumption. Please review our guidelines above on how to submit note images.