What is CloudCon?

CloudCon is the first and only virtual con specifically for the queer community. With brick and mortar conventions currently inaccessible, we want to provide the opportunity for you to see panels and have a chance to interact with some of your favorite celebrities without leaving the comfort of your own home!

What will be offered?

For a full week, from June 22 to 29, we will be streaming live panels, hosting one-on-one meet and greets with our special guests as well as offering videograms, absentee autographs, trivia contests, workshops, gaming events and more!

Is there a charge?

There will be no charge to view panels, take part in workshops or to participate in certain gaming events. There will be a charge for one-on-one meet and greets, videograms, absentee autographs and select prize-based trivia.

Can I submit a panel or workshop idea?

Sure! Panel and workshop ideas can be submitted here. If your idea is selected/approved, we will include it as a part of our official CloudCon programming.

How will this work?

Panels will be streamed live, on a platform we are currently testing, free of charge and our one-on-one meet and greets offered will be held on Zoom. Closer to the event dates, we will provide tech run-throughs and/or tutorials to help those who may be unfamiliar with the platforms. Absentee autographs and videograms will be sent directly to purchasers after the conclusion of CloudCon. All experiences offered will be detailed across our site in the coming weeks, in schedule form. We will also be breaking days down into genres/themes to ensure things are spread out evenly so you don't have to pick and choose what you want to see and do. We will also be highlighting vendors in our virtual vendor hall to get them some love too! Full details on all experiences offered (how to purchase, where to purchase and so forth) will be rolling out soon, so keep an eye on things!

Where will the panels be streamed?

Panels will be viewable on our Twitch account - @qfxevents.

Are you working with any nonprofits or charities for this event?

Yes, we will be running a charity auction. We will also be running a raffle with tickets priced at $1 USD. To stay informed with all our items, please visit our website on 32Auctions.

For real though, when are tickets going on sale?

June 13 at 1PM EST


How will 1 on 1's work?

We will use Zoom for all 1-on-1 sessions. A QFX representative will email you with more information on how to redeem your Live 1-on-1 session the evening before your chat is scheduled to take place. Please email if you do not receive your instructions 2 hours prior to the beginning of the chat session.

What happens if a guest I bought a ticket for cancels last minute?

If you purchased a 1-on-1 with a guest who has to cancel, you may request a refund or use a credit to purchase time with another guest.

How many people can take part in my 1-on-1's?

If you and your friends want to chat with a guest at the same time, that is something we can offer. Once you and your friends have purchased your 1-on-1 tickets (one ticket must be purchased per participant in the chat room), please email us at and we will be happy to schedule your calls in the same block. Please note, we can only allow four people at a time to utilize this option. An example of this would be 4 people purchasing four separate tickets for the same quest. Instead of each of the four people getting five minutes with a guest, all four would share twenty minutes.

How will absentee autographs work?

You can purchase an absentee autograph from our participating guests over on our TIXR page. Each item can be personalized. Please allow for 4-6 weeks for delivery as most of our guests are signing in their country of residence. Due to mailing restrictions during this pandemic, we expect there to be a delay in shipping.

Will there be a cap for absentee autographs?

Yes. As of right now, when our ticketing site goes live, each guest will be making an initial quantity of 40 available. If someone you want is sold out, you will be added to our waitlist for that item. If the guest is able to fulfill the extras that are on the waitlist, you will be notified.

How does the waitlist work?

We will have a waitlist option for most experiences available for sale. If anything sells out, we open up a waitlist for overflow. Once you place yourself on the waitlist for a specific item, your payment information is captured. If a guest opens up more availability and it is something you are on the waitlist for, you will be notified accordingly. If guests are unable to fulfill waitlist orders, your funds will be released back to you within 48 hours.

Can we pay it forward?

Sure. If you want to pay an experience forward anonymously, you can do so by either providing us with information on the recipient or you can opt to have us give the item away randomly.

What is a videogram?

Videograms are like Cameos. If you would like one of our guests to send a message to a friend, loved one or yourself - they can do that. Just purchase a videogram from our participating guests on TIXR. You will get a link to your file once it becomes available.

Will purchases be limited?

Yes, there is a limit to two (2) items per purchase, per ticket type & per guest. For example, if you wish to purchase 1-on-1's, you are limited to two (2) 1-on-1's for each guest. If you wish to purchase two (2) Jessica Harmon's and two (2) Chelsey Reist - this is okay.